Download TeamSQL 4.0 (Beta)

Get redesigned UI and new JDBC architecture

Connections in a Tree View

Connection and database lists are redesigned in a tree view to give you more control and information about the triggers, sequences, etc.

JDBC Connections

We switched to JDBC for faster and more reliable database connections.

Oracle Support

You are now able to use TeamSQL with Oracle databases as well. Support for more databases are coming soon.

Horizontal Tabs

Horizontal tabs are finally available in TeamSQL 4. You still have access to vertically listed tabs, and you can also search in tab titles which helps you when you have too many open tabs in your workspace.

More Linux distributions

We have switched to AppImage format to support major desktop distributions including Ubuntu, Red Hat, Debian, CentOS, Arch Linux, openSUSE and Fedora.

Faster Tab Connections

TeamSQL used to maintain separate connections for each tab that you work on. TeamSQL 4 now switches to a new architecture, enabling faster connections and queries while preserving the stability and reliability.

Supported Databases

Release Notes

  • v4.0.270, July 2018 Beta 13

    • Performance and stability fixes.
    • Fixed: Refreshing empty groups in the treeview fails.

    Known issues:
    • Beautify Query action is not working yet.
    • Automatic connection validation and auto-reconnecting have some issues.
    • Existing users will be able to see their open tabs but “Execute” button will not run on these tabs. Please close your existing tabs and open new ones. If you prefer to use the stable version later, you may experience the same problem.
    • “Execute as Script” (click on the down caret at the right edge of the Execute button) is available for MySQL, MSSQL and PostgreSQL. You can still see that button will be visible for other databases but won’t work. UI will be improved.
    • Code completion is not working yet.
    • Search (CMD+Shift+F) is not working yet, but you can use the new filters in the tree view.

  • v4.0.269, July 2018 Beta 12

    • Now all tab connections share single server connections.
    • Bug fixes on tabs and query executions.
    • Fixed: Columns names for aliases are not visible in the datagrid.

  • v4.0.264, July 2018 Beta 11

    • Locally cached result sets are now compressed to save disk space.
    • Fixes in tab execution and connection flows.
    • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

  • v4.0.256, July 2018 Beta 10

    • New tab with new connection (CMD+Shift+N) is now fixed.
    • Fixes in tab connection / database change flow.
    • UI fixes.
    • Format SQL is improved, thanks to baptistedonaux (Issue: #268).
    • Connection timeouts are fixed.
    • Touch Bar bug fix.
    • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

  • v4.0.249, July 2018 Beta 9

    • UI Fix for Execute and Execute as Script buttons.
    • Fixes in tab connection / database change flow.
    • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

  • v4.0.246, July 2018 Beta 8

    • Connection validation is now fixed.
    • Amazon Redshift connection problem fixed.
    • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

  • v4.0.244, July 2018 Beta 7

    • Ability to select connections or databases for tabs.
    • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

  • v4.0.242, July 2018 Beta 6

    • Added Oracle support
    • Fixes in query execution process
    • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

  • v4.0.241, July 2018 Beta 5

    • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

  • v4.0.239, July 2018 Beta 4

    • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

  • v4.0.237, July 2018 Beta 3

    • Treeview items without any subitems have visible count of (0)
    • Fix disconnected parent items count visibility
    • Abort button - which cancels test connection action - added to Add/Edit Connection window.

  • v4.0.235, July 2018 Beta 2

    • TeamSQL Charts is available now.
    • Query History is now available for all database engines.
    • macOS installer package is now digitally signed by Apple's Developer Certificates.

  • v4.0.234, June 2018 Beta 1

    • Connection and database lists are redesigned and it's now a tree view.
    • Tabs are on the top instead of the left-side column.
    • Oracle database engine support is added.
    • MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and Amazon Redshift database driver engines are backed by JDBC.


    This TeamSQL version (v4.x) is still in development. You may experiences bugs, problems, crashes, freezes.