Table Structure Viewer

Easily view the structure of your data table. You can get a brief overview of what your table structure is from the left-hand navigation panel, but you can easily open up a pop-up window that displays complete details. See the total number of columns for the table, the name of the column, the data type it accepts, whether it's a nullable field or not, and any additional details (such as whether the data is signed).

Database Table Index List

You can also view details about indexes you have on the table -- get the name of the index, column(s) on which you're indexing, type information, whether it is unique or not, and whether it is a primary index or not.

Tutorial: Table Structure Previews
View the table's column definitions, as well as information about any indexes that might be on the table.
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Tutorial: Exporting Data Using TeamSQL
You can easily export the data contained in your database tables in one of the following formats: JSON, CSV AND Tab Separated CSV.
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