Inline Editing

TeamSQL supports inline editing of returned data for all your data tables.

With inline editing, you can rapidly edit your table via:

  • Create
  • Update
  • Delete

With existing data cells, you can easily edit by double-clicking on the cell, making your changes, and pressing return/enter when done.

You can also create completely new rows, or delete existing rows entirely.

The changes you make will be saved and the table immediately updated.

Add New Rows

Need to add data on the fly? You can add rows by clicking on Add Row.

You can immediately populate your newly-created row with your data.

Delete Your Data

Need to get rid of a row quickly? You can delete rows with just a few clicks on your mouse.

Rapid SQL Queries

TeamSQL generates the SQL necessary to apply the changes permanently to your database and presents it to you for review before execution.

Ready to get started

Available on Windows, MacOS and Ubuntu platforms.