TeamSQL Extensions

One size does not fit all, and that is true even when it comes to data clients. TeamSQL ships with a robust feature set, but if you find that it is missing something you find essential, take advantage of TeamSQL's extensibility by installing an extension. You can find the options available to you in the Extensions Store, or you can use one of the TeamSQL SDK's to help you build your own.

Extension Store

The TeamSQL Extension Store features extensions that you can download and install for use with your instance of TeamSQL. Some have been authored by the TeamSQL developers; others have been developed by the community at large.

Have a contribution you'd like to make? You can upload your extension to the store for distribution to others!

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For Developers

TeamSQL offers several SDKs designed to help you get started with coding your own extensions.

Getting Started with TeamSQL Extensions
TeamSQL Extension SDK and CLI Overview

Extension Types

Context Menu: Context Menu extensions are those that are available to users when they right-click on the data grid after they've run the query. These are capable of using the underlying data. Context Menu Extensions Tutorial

Snippets: Snippets extensions are those that can modify the pre-written scripts users can use to minimize the amount of typing they do to write a query.

Editor: Editor extensions are those that modify the TeamSQL editor window itself - customize your editor to suite your aesthetic preferences! Editor Extension Tutorial

Theme: Theme extensions are those that allow you to adjust the overall appearance of your TeamSQL instance.

Tutorial: Beautify SQL Extension
We recently introduced support for editor extensions, which are extensions that modify the way the editor in TeamSQL works...
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Tutorial: Signing AWS S3 URLs Extension
This tutorial will show how to create an extension that allows you to created signed S3 URLs by providing your AWS Access and Secret Keys just once.
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Available on Windows, MacOS and Ubuntu platforms.