Save & Share Queries in the Cloud

It's now easier to collaborate with your colleagues using saved queries with TeamSQL. Save, organize, and share your Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, AWS Redshift, Redis, BigQuery, Amazon Aurora, MariaDB or CitusData queries using your private cloud storage.

Saving your queries in the cloud storage area makes it easy to collaborate with your colleagues using TeamSQL on your business. Your colleagues don’t need to rewrite the query; executing the shared query returns the same result. Easily share your SQL queries and folders with a single person or a group of people; the choice is up to you.

Favorites Section

Pin your frequently used queries in the Favorites section for easy access.

Colored Folders

Give your folders different colors to easily organize them.

Multiple Actions

Select multiple folders or queries to take bulk actions like moving or deleting.

TeamSQL - Saved Queries | Multiple Actions


Preview function offers a fast preview of your queries without opening the file.

TeamSQL - Saved Queries | Preview

Query Search Bar

With Query Search Bar, you can search all your saved and shared queries and their indexes. Easily find the SQL query you search for.

What do we store?

TeamSQL only stores your queries; TeamSQL never stores the results of your queries in the cloud! Please check our Security Page to learn more about security at TeamSQL.

Ready to get started

Available on Windows, MacOS and Ubuntu platforms.