TeamSQL Enterprise

Hosted solution on AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud or on-premises.

TeamSQL Enterprise is a database development tool that allows your team to connect to multiple database engines simultaneously using just one application.



TeamSQL Enterprise offers two hosting options:

  • Private cloud using your choice of Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure
  • On-premise


You can access TeamSQL's service API, which allows you to create API hooks. This allows you to add inbound and outbound hooks as needed.


Administrators for your organization have access to logs that track all queries executed by affiliated users. These logs are indexed and searchable. Administrators can also access logs of all sharing- and export-related activities.

Sharing Connections

With the Sharing Connections feature, you do not have to share the credentials for the connection with your users. You can use this feature to share the connections themselves, so your team can connect and begin working right away.

Team Management

You can create multiple teams for your organizations, as well as manage the individual teams' access rights. For example, you determine who can:

  • Add new or edit existing connections
  • Modify existing queries
  • Share or export data
  • Share queries to users outside your organization

TeamSQL also offers a read-only mode, where the user cannot run queries like INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, and so on.

Dedicated Support

We consider technical support as important as the product itself, so we have staff dedicated solely to our enterprise clients.

Standard TeamSQL Features

All standard TeamSQL features are available to users of TeamSQL Enterprise.