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Is TeamSQL open source?

TeamSQL is not a public repository, yet. However TeamSQL is written in Javascript / HTML and built on Electron, so practically all our code is accessible through Chrome DevTools (we allow our users to use DevTools inside TeamSQL, so they always know what's going on under the hood). Our initial plan is to make important parts of TeamSQL open source and start to receive pull requests. We opened our SQL Statement Parser as the first step of this effort. (

Adding a New MySQL Connection via SSH Tunnel

In the Explorer pane, click on the plus icon next to CONNECTIONS. This launches the Add Connection window where you can create new connections from TeamSQL to your server(s).   To create a connection to a MySQL database set the Database Type to MySQL.   Note how the window now displays Create a new MySQL connection at the top. To connect to your MySQL database server, you’ll need to provide the following parameters to TeamSQL:   Con...