Sharing Your Query Results to Slack

TeamSQL is always looking for ways to make collaborating with your colleagues on SQL queries easier, and today, you have one more way to share the results of your SQL query: via Slack!

You can now run a query and send the results to the Slack channel, group, or user of your choice. Your colleagues can then access the data by clicking on the hyperlink provided by TeamSQL. To keep your data safe, you can choose to encrypt and password-protect your results set.

How to Share Your Query Results via Slack

Run the query that returns the results set you that want.



Right-click anywhere in the results set to bring up the following options menu, and hover over Share to.



In the next pop-up menu, select Slack.

If this is the first time you’re sharing via Slack, you’ll see the following message in TeamSQL:




To complete the integration process as requested by the pop-up dialog, TeamSQL prompts you for the appropriate permissions via your browser window. Click **Authorize** to continue.


If the integration was successful, you’d see the following message:

Return to TeamSQL, and click OK to close the warning message about completing your Slack integration. Once again, right click on your results set, select Share to > Slack. You’ll be prompted to set the following options for the sharing action:





A title for the results set you’re sharing


A description of the results set you’re sharing


Set to on if you want your results set encrypted. To access encrypted results, users will need to provide the correct password before they can see the results set


The password users need to provide to see the results set if encryption is enabled

Expire in

The length of time before the link to the results set expires

Slack Channel, User or Group

The Slack channel, user, or group to which the link to the results set should be shared.


When done, click Create Link & Share to Slack.



If TeamSQL was able to share successfully, you’d see the following message:



Your recipients can now access the link to your results set in Slack:


Happy sharing!