Creating Line Charts in TeamSQL

Today, we continue our series on creating charts in TeamSQL. If you haven’t already, please see the summary of the charts features before reading this article.

The chart we’ll be looking at today is a line chart. Let’s say that we want to track employee growth over the past couple of years and that our data looks like this:

Once I have actionable data, I can click Charts to launch the chart creation wizard. I select the Line chart option and indicate that I want year on the X-axis and the number of employees on the Y-axis.


Here’s my charted data.


I can hover over specific points of the chart to see specific details. Let’s say I want to look at the employee count for 2011.



Here’s the employee count for 2014.


As always, you can easily share your charts. Just click the cog icon in the top right, and you can choose to copy the graph to your clipboard, or you can save as a PNG file.


Happy charting!