Creating Bar Charts in TeamSQL

We’ve already covered the basics on how to work with charts in TeamSQL, so today, we’ll go over how to create a specific type of charts in TeamSQL: bar charts. In today’s examples, we’ll be working with historical population data, but you can use whatever data you’d like.

Here’s what our data looks like:


Let’s say that I want to compare the population level of each continent for the year 2012. I can launch the charts wizard by clicking on Charts, which is located immediately above my query window.

I’d like my continents on the X-axis, and my population values on the Y-axis.



Here’s my chart.


What if I want to make some quick data comparisons? Well, I can easily plot data for multiple continents across three different points in time. You can see in my chart wizard that I’ve added additional points I want represented on the Y-axis.






This gets me a stacked bar chart where I can easily compare population values across continents based on the year in which I’m interested.


Remember that you can easily share your charts. Just click the cog icon in the top right, and you can choose to copy the graph to your clipboard, or you can save as a PNG file.