TeamSQL Charts: Using the Bar Chart Feature to Create Funnel Charts

In today’s post, we’ll revisit bar charts, which we covered a couple of days ago. However, we will modify our use of bar charts a bit so that we can create a funnel-like chart.

If you haven’t already, please read our Charts 101 blog post before beginning this post.

Let’s say that you have a sales progression, and you want a funnel chart that shows the change in engagement as you proceed along the sales pathway. Here’s what our data looks like:



When we have data, we can create charts. Click Charts to launch the chart creation wizard.

We select a Bar chart, and we make sure that we order our sales progression numbers in ascending order (that is, the latest step is listed first, and the first steps are listed last). Click Create when you’re ready.


Here’s our chart.





If we hover over the chart, we get a pop-up legend (this is in addition to the color-code chart that you can see displayed at the top of the chart).


At this point, we’re ready to save the chart to the clipboard or save as a PNG file.


Happy charting!