A day in the life of a Test Manager

Selcuk is a Test Manager in the product team here at TeamSQL. When he’s not busy browsing Tech Crunch, he’s verifying and evaluating the quality of TeamSQL before delivering it to the users. In this interview, Selcuk talks about his role, what makes a good Test Manager, and why he loves working at TeamSQL.


What exactly does a Test & Release Manager do?

My company and my team want the highest quality product, and the development team works hard to make the TeamSQL better.  An essential part of software quality is the process of testing and validating the software. In one sentence; as a test manager, my responsibilities are assuring visibility, traceability, and control of the testing process to release high-quality software.


Why do software companies need a Test Manager?

Software testing is one of the stages of the software development lifecycle. The Testing stage plays an essential role and a crucial part in SDLC, which helps to improve the quality, reliability & performance of the software. So, the software development team produces a good quality product in the competitive market.


Who do you work with on an everyday basis?

I work with the Product Manager and CTO on a regular basis. Most of the exercises we run either plan and manage the testing process.


What’s the first thing you do when you arrive at the office?

9GAG for my daily motivation! Time management is the key to everything in test management, and the first thing I do is planning of my day according to our Team Board while drinking my coffee. And then I check updates at sites like TechCrunch, Product Hunt and also explore testers communities.




What’s on your reading list currently?

For the area of my expertise, I mostly check online articles. For instance; just before we begin this interview, I finished an article about AI-Assisted Testing which is popular these days. And a book called Art of Software Testing by Glenford Myers.


Is TeamSQL is a good place to be a Test Manager?

Definitely! TeamSQL is a very agile company in the software development department. As being agile is the basis of test management, it’s simple to be with my co-workers on the same page.


What tips would you give to somebody considering going into test management?

Based on my experience in the software development industry, a tester must know about the SDLC very well. Testing process starts at the beginning of the SDLC cycle and also they are the last control mechanism of it. However, there is a contradiction that this knowledge comes straight with the gained hands-on experience because of the complexity of the development environment. The team should consider this approach to prevent future losses. To obtain this knowledge at the beginning of their career, I suggest them to join online tester and developer communities to stay up-to-date according to their primary role in the Test Department. Some online communities which I strongly recommend are Stickyminds, Ministry of Testing and StackOverflow.