Custom Snippets

What are snippets?

Snippets are templates that you can use to help you build longer queries. Because TeamSQL knows which database you’re working in, you’ll get the right snippet at the right time (if you work in multiple types of databases, you’ll know how easy it is to get similar-but-different syntaxes mixed up). Now, you’re less likely to run a query that works for MySQL against SQL Server (or vice versa).

If you can’t remember the specific syntax, Intellisense can help you out. You can “scroll” through the list of snippets using your arrow keys, and when you’ve found the one you’re interested in, press tab to populate your query window with the snippet. Additionally, if you don’t recall what a specific snippet should do, the drop-down list of snippets includes a brief definition.


What are custom snippets?

Rather than limiting you to snippets we think you’ll find useful, we’re allowing you to create your own snippets. For example, do you find yourself running a specific query early and often? Turn it into a snippet instead of copying and pasting from an external file.




How to Create Custom Snippets

There are currently two ways for you to create custom snippets:

1. Using the Create Snippets option available in the main toolbar
2. Creating snippets on the fly by using the options menu

We’ll cover how to use both options.


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