Filtering Data Grid

After executing a query that returns a large results set, TeamSQL allows you to filter the returned data without running another query. This allows you to analyze your results set without any additional queries or strain on your server.

Let’s look at an example. This is what our initial results set looks like after executing a query.


Notice the search bar and funnel icon located above each column. These allow you to filter on one or more columns. If you have search parameters set for multiple columns, TeamSQL will only display the rows that match all of your criteria.

Using the search bar, you can type in the value(s) you’re looking for; as you type, you’ll see a drop down of the fields that match what you’re looking for.

The filter icon provides search settings you can use. They tell TeamSQL how to handle the search parameters you’re providing. You can choose from:

  • Is equal to
  • Is not equal to
  • Starts with
  • Contains
  • Does not contain
  • Ends with
  • Is null
  • Is not null
  • Is empty
  • Is not empty





Click on the result that you’re interested in so that TeamSQL displays only that row.


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