TeamSQL Application Preferences

TeamSQL ships with a standard set of settings, called preferences, that you can change as you’d like.

To access and set your application preferences, go to File > Preferences.


There are two tabs, each of which contains a different set of settings:

  • General
  • Keyboard


General Settings

The general tab includes the settings and preferences that affect how your editor window behaves.


In the General tab, you can set the following parameters:

Editor font size: The default font size for your editor window.

Tab size: The number of spaces you want indented when you press the Tab key.

Show mini map: Toggles a display (in the upper right corner of your editor window) of a “map” showing what your file looks like at a high level.

Word wrap: Set the default behavior when the line length exceeds a certain point. Off means the line will never wrap and will extend indefinitely to the right. On means the line will wrap based on how wide the editor window is. Word wrap means that the line wraps when the length reaches a specified number of characters. Bounded means that the line will wrap at the end of the viewport or after reaching a specified length (whichever comes first).

Word wrap column: If you’ve set your Word wrap setting to Word wrap or Bounded, then this is the line length that determines your wrapping.

Show links: When checked, URLs contained within strings in your query statements are active. By holding down CMD (macOS) or CTRL (Windows/Linux), you can click the URL and have your browser open to the site.

Line height: The default height of each line when working in the editor window.

Line numbers: Toggles whether line numbers are displayed on the left side of the editor window.

Enable Code Completion: Toggles the availability of the code completion feature.

Enable Built-in Snippets: Toggles the availability of the built-in snippets feature.

Show History Pane: Toggles the default behavior (hide or show) of the history pane.

Show Explorer Pane: Toggles the default behavior (hide or show) of the explorer pane.




Keyboard Settings

You can use keyboard shortcuts to minimize the amount of typing you do while working in TeamSQL. TeamSQL comes with a default set of shortcuts, but you can change them as desired.


Currently, shortcuts are available for the following commands:

  • Execute Query
  • Save Tab
  • Save Tab As…
  • Font Larger
  • Font Smaller
  • Toggle History Pane
  • Toggle Explorer Pane
  • Import File
  • New Tab
  • New Tab with Connection
  • Toggle Searchbox (All)
  • Toggle Searchbox (Tables only)
  • Toggle Searchbox (Functions and Stored PRocedures only)
  • Close Selected Tab(s)
  • Close Selected Tab(s) (Discards changes)
  • Next Tab
  • Previous Tab

If you change shortcut of an action and go back to default one later, you can use Reset button – which is available by right click on an item in the list – to reset it.



To help you find a command or a shortcut quickly, you can use the filter to narrow down the display list.