Adding a new database connection

In the Explorer pane, click on the plus icon next to CONNECTIONS.


This launches the Add Connection window where you can create new connections from TeamSQL to your server(s).


To create a connection to a MySQL database set the Database Type to MySQL.


Note how the window now displays Create a new MySQL connection at the top.

To connect to your MySQL database server, you’ll need to provide the following parameters to TeamSQL:




Connection Name

A descriptive name for your connection


The host address TeamSQL will use to access your MySQL server


The port through which TeamSQL uses to communicate with your MySQL server

User Name

The user name TeamSQL uses to log in and gain access to your MySQL server


The password that accompanies the user name TeamSQL uses to log in and gain access to your MySQL server

Default Database

The database within your MySQL server you want TeamSQL to consider your default

Production Server

A flag indicating whether the MySQL server is a production instance or not

SSH Tunnel

The flag indicating whether TeamSQL should enable an SSH tunnel through which it connects to your server


Once you’ve provided the appropriate parameters, you can click Test Connection to see if the details you’ve provided TeamSQL are correct. If they are, click Save Connection.


You will now see your newly-created connection in your Explorer panel. By default, TeamSQL creates connections in a disabled state. Click on the socketicon to enable the connection.