Connection Microsoft SQL Server over TCP/IP

You must enable TCP/IP connection of Microsoft SQL Server, so you can connect it to from TeamSQL. It’s required.

Please check this out to enable TCP/IP Connection of Microsoft SQL Server :

Checks these first:

  • Start the SQL SERVER BROWSER Service in Windows services if it’s not already started. See:
  • Host name cannot be “.” (dot) SQL Server Management Studio users mostly use “.” (dot) to connect localhost. Use “localhost” instead of “.”
  • Wrong host name: .\MSSQLSERVER or .
  • Correct host name can be like: localhost, localhost\MSSQLSERVER, myserver,,\MSSQLSERVER16
  • Domain name must be upper case. If you don’t now your domain name or if you don’t have one, you still need to enter a value – upper cased.





Without instance name


With instance name