Exporting Data Using TeamSQL



You can easily export the data contained in your database tables in one of the following formats:

  • CSV
  • JSON
  • Tab Separated

NOTE: You can connect to AWS Redshift with TeamSQL, a multi-platform DB client that works with Redshift, PostgreSQL, MySQL & Microsoft SQL Server and runs on Mac, Linux and Windows.

You can download TeamSQL Beta for free:


How to Export Data

1. Launch TeamSQL, and connect to your database server by clicking on the Socket icon next to your desired connection.

2. Once connected, you’ll see a list of databases on the server to which you’re connected.

3. Click the name of the database you’re interested in to view a list of the tables it contains.

4. Open up the table you want to export by:

  • Double-clicking on its name, or;
  • Right-clicking on its name, then click Open Table (Limit 200)

By default, TeamSQL returns only the top 200 rows to ensure performance.




5. Once loaded, right click on the table to display the Export Table option. You can choose to export your data in JSONCSV, or Tab Separated formats.



6. Provide a name for your file, as well as the location to which it should be saved.

You can now access your data file in the location you specified.