Download Archived Versions
  • TeamSQL v4.0.379

    • Fixed: Some TeamSQL users running v4.0.379 ran into "Java server not working" error. Issue #372

  • TeamSQL v4.0.376

    • Azure Redis Cache custom port for SSL bug fixed.
    • Redis "show only default database" bug fixed. Issue #378
    • Java SSL error on PostgreSQL bug fixed. Issue #381

  • TeamSQL v4.0.371

    • Bug fix for java server not working. Issue #372
    • UI fix for saved and shared files.
    • New snippets are added for MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Amazon Redshift.

  • TeamSQL v4.0.357

    • Editable table rows improvement on Datagrid. Issue #219
    • Running DML Queries without schema name fixed on MSSQL. Issue #379
    • Bug fix for bigint type fields on MySQL and MSSQL Databases.
    • Bug fix for dublicating “Execution Plan” on Result sets.
    • Bug fix for “Show only Default Database” settings on Connections.
    • Bug fix for duplicating assets under TreeView.

  • TeamSQL v4.0.341

    TeamSQL 4.0 stable version is available now!

    • Fixed: "Java Server not working" error.
    • Fixed: Stop/Cancel Query not working.
    • Fixed: Check box for "Only default database" not working (Redshift and MSSQL)
    • Fixed: No database selected error message while running a query after restarting TeamSQL
    Known Issues :
    • "Execute as Script" (click on the down caret at the right edge of the Execute button) is available for MySQL, MSSQL and PostgreSQL. You can still see that button will be visible for other databases but won't work. UI will be improved.

  • TeamSQL v3.4.230


    • Bug fixes: Inline editing features
    • Bug fixes: Table structure viewer
    • Bug fixes: Query shortcuts for Windows users
    • Bug fixes: PostgreSQL and Redshift charts displaying DECIMAL and BIGINT values
    • Performance improvements
    • Enhancements to Microsoft SQL Server Connections
    • Execution Plan
    • Log output

    Bug Fixes

    • In TeamSQL 3.3, we have included fixes involving several features, including inline editing and the table structure viewer.
    • Windows users will see that query shortcuts are functioning again.
    • Finally, we have corrected the issue where charts displayed PostgreSQL or Redshift DECIMAL or BIGINT values as strings.
    • Numeric type is displaying rounded as an integer.
    • Redis command execution error.
    Performance Improvements
    • We have included a number of improvements under the hood to improve the performance of TeamSQL.
    Enhancements to Microsoft SQL Server Connections
    There are two new features for users connecting to Microsoft SQL Servers:
    • Execution plans
    • Log output
    Execution Plans
    • You can now see the steps taken (as well as the order in which those steps were taken) when you run a query against your SQL Server.
    Log Output
    • With log output, you can view a detailed list of your SQL Server transactions.