Multi-Platform SQL Client - Simple. Effortless. Extensible.
Multi-Platform SQL Client - Simple. Effortless. Extensible.
TeamSQL currently works with
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Store & Share in the cloud

You can keep, organize and share your queries in your private cloud storage.

It's easy to collaborate with your colleagues using saved queries.

If you are an enterprise and want to limit sharing within your company in a secure way, you can switch to our enterprise plan to enable enterprise level encryption support.

  • Tab Query History
  • Database Query History


You can see all you query execution history in the tab history pane. When you click on any history record, you can see a preview of the executed query and cached result data* from that particular execution.

If you are looking for a query whose tab does not exist anymore or just remember only part of the query, you can easily make a keyword search in all your history records. You never need to worry about losing an unsaved query again.

* Cached result data for history records are stored on your computer and never sent to the cloud.

Extensions (soon)

We believe there is no just one solution which can solve everyone's problems. That's why we built TeamSQL extensible.

Anyone can built extensions using Extensions SDK and distribute over TeamSQL Extension Store.

  • Filter SQL tables, views and stored procedures
  • Search in SQL database


Searching in your database should be as easy as searching a file in a folder on your computer.

In TeamSQL, it's fast and easy to filter tables, views and functions in the connections pane. You can also just hit CMD + SHIFT + F in any screen and start searching in all your databases and saved queries.

In TeamSQL you can easily search for:

  • Tables
  • Views
  • Functions and SPs
  • Saved Queries
  • Columns (soon)
  • Indexes (soon)
  • History (soon)

Autocomplete / Code completion / Intellisense for SQL queries, with INSERT and UPDATE snippets

Snippets & Code Completion

We believe that code completion is the most essential part of any good IDE or DB client.

TeamSQL not only recognizes table names and aliases to list column names, but also saves your time while doing common tasks like INSERT / UPDATE statements or creating stored procedures.

When you try to INSERT a row to a table in your database, TeamSQL gets the column list of your table and creates necessary parts in the statement for you. The same applies for UPDATE statements as well.

Our team is dedicated to provide the best code completion in the market.

TeamSQL currently runs on
Linux (Ubuntu - Debian)

Join TeamSQL Beta

You need to join our beta list to download TeamSQL. You can start using TeamSQL once you receive your download links. We will be waiting for your thoughts and feedbacks.